Commit to your dreams today.

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How CommitMe works

We help you reach your goals in 3 simple steps.

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Make a commitment

Whether its a health, career, financial goal... it's up to you.


Choose a buddy

Pick someone to hold you accountable and help you reach your goal.


Set the stakes

Decide how much you'll pay your buddy if you succeed.

You reach your goal, your buddy gets rewarded. It's win-win.

About the team

We've committed to making CommitMe awesome. Keep us accountable.


Alex Li, The Product Guy

Alex is a motivation and personal development nut. It all started at 14, when he picked up Tony Robbins' "Awaken The Giant Within" in his dad's bookshelf. Since then, Alex has been obsessed with understanding what makes us tick.

Alex is committed to making CommitMe game-changing... and not breaking the codebase.


Roy Zane, The Tech Guy

Roy is the wizard of CommitMe. When he’s not running keyboard marathons, you can find him taking long strolls through the code base. He is obsessed with scratching his own itch. Hence, his passion for CommitMe.

Roy is committed to creating a great user experience... and keeping Alex away from the source code.